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Warranty Policy

General Warranty Information


Evolve Gaming PCs offers a one year labor warranty in which a customer will never be responsible for labor costs for standard hardware warranty repairs.

Standard warranty repairs exclude all accidental damages such as water damage, electrical shorts, fire damage, and all force related damages, game related issues, Windows related issues, and driver related issues. In these situations Evolve Gaming PCs will always seek to find the most cost effective route for our customers, and may be able to still provide warranty services free of charge.

Evolve Gaming PCs charges a $30 RMA fee for customers who are experiencing issues that are not hardware related, due to improper maintenance or are related to all accidental damages. Customers may be charged the $30 RMA fee in advance and refunded in the event the issue is found to be hardware related. Customers will never be charged over $30 for any RMA. 

Any damage caused by impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; unauthorized modifications, attachments or peripherals, improper use, environment, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse, or mishandling by a customer is not covered under this warranty. Evolve Gaming PCs reserves the right to deny any warranty request if it believes the claim is related to any of the above causes.

Evolve Gaming PCs under no circumstances is liable for any other damages of any type and other claims regardless of if they are based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, liability or any other theories developed. 

After one year, a customers labor warranty expires and customers will be charged a discounted hourly rate of $65 per hour.


Evolve Gaming PCs warranties all computer parts for a period of two years from delivery. After the two year period expires, Evolve Gaming PCs reserves the right, with the customer’s permission to charge the customer for the replacement part needed in the event of a hardware failure. Evolve Gaming PCs will always attempt to find the most cost effective route for hardware replacement. 

Exceptions may be made if a CPU, GPU, or RAM is overclocked above its limits and damage is done to the previously mentioned parts. This warranty does not cover any accessories such as keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, headphones, headsets and mouse pads. Evolve Gaming PCs does not cover any software included or purchased with the PC. Evolve Gaming PCs may replace the part with a new, refurbished or used equilvant part. 

Evolve Gaming reserves the right to void any warranty due to unauthorized modification of the system or an individual component, or due to lack of maintenance of the PC.

Replacement Parts:

In the event and Evolve Gaming technician determines a part needs to be replaced in a PC, a valid credit card number will need to be provided at the time of shipment to ensure collateral is collected in the event the original part is not returned within five business days of receipt of the replacement part.

Evolve Gaming PCs will charge the credit card provided the MSRP of the part provided if the part is not returned within the time frame mentioned above. Evolve Gaming PCs may replace the part with a new, refurbished or used equal part. 


All shipping costs 14 days after delivery are the responsibility of the customer. The only situation in which a customer will not be liable for shipping costs is if the computer is determined to be dead on arrival, or is damaged in shipment.

In the event a customer must pay for shipping, Evolve Gaming PCs charges all customers the cost of round trip shipping, as well as a $45 fee for packaging materials and shipping insurance, as well as consumable items used in repairing the PC, as well as shipping the PC. This can include a new box, bio-degradable packing peanuts, foam (if needed), instapak, and UPS Insurance coverage.


Overclocking completed by any party other than Evolve Gaming PCs immediately voids any Evolve Gaming PCs warranty. Overclocking of a CPU or GPU not done by a professional can cause serious damage to multiple PC components and is best left to the professionals. This does not include RAM XMP or DOCP.

Evolve Gaming PCs encourages all customers who choose to overclock their CPU or GPU to do proper research.

RMA Specific Information

A Video For Peace of Mind:

Evolve Gaming PCs can provide a video of the PC operating normally prior to the PC being returned when it is sent in for RMA. This is done to ensure ultimate transparency in cases where the PC may function normally at Evolve Gaming PCs facility, and not function normally upon delivery due to issues related to electrical systems, peripherals, and other variables that may affect PC performance. 

Return Shipment:

All PCs must be packaged to the same standard in which you received them (double boxed with double wall corrugated box, packing peanuts or packing paper for void fill, and internal packaging for the PC to prevent the GPU from breaking). If the PC is returned using less than adequate packing, our UPS insurance policy will not accept a claim for any damages. In that event, you will be liable for any damage to the PC once received by our RMA Department.

If you have the original packaging the PC arrived in, please use that, being sure to fill the inside of the PC case adequately to protect internal components.


Do not include the power cord or other accessories, as we cannot guarantee the safe return of these items.

Shipping Costs:

You will be liable for all shipping costs, as well as import/export duties and Customs fees, where applicable. Unless we have provided you with a shipping label, be sure to purchase insurance on this shipment.

Smoke or Smoke Residue:

Please ensure that the system is free of 3rd hand smoke before sending it in. Sending a system that we deem a potential health hazard may result in a $100 fee to cover cleaning and personal protective equipment. We reserve the right to refuse services for any system which we deem to be a potential health hazard.

Data Backup:

We recommend backing up any important data, on the device, before sending it to us, as we may need to wipe your Windows installation or storage medium during troubleshooting. Letting us know your system password which we would need to log in, will lessen the likelihood that we will need to erase data on the device. Evolve Gaming PCs make no guarantee that your system will return with the same data it was sent to us with. 

Game Specific Issues:

If you wish to have the Evolve Gaming PCs RMA Department test specific games on your PC you will be charged a $120 fee for up to 4 hours of in-game testing. Due to the nature of testing specific games for a prolonged period, Evolve Gaming PCs does not provide complimentary game-specific troubleshooting unless the issues presented in-game are due to a hardware-related issue and across multiple games.

Certain games are known to have issues with texture loss and device crashing. We are often unable to resolve these issues as they made need to be fixed by the game developer. If you are facing a common issue with a certain game, we recommend taking the steps provided by community members to ensure you have exhausted all options before paying our team to test a specific game. 

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