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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our team of expert gaming PC builders will put together all the components you choose and make sure you get every last drop of performance out of your components.

To answer that question, we need to define what a good PC is. A good PC is a machine that lets you enjoy your favorite titles without unnecessary load times or inopportune FPS drops. This can be achieved by a proper combination of components put together in a way that allows you to get the most out of them. Evolve Gaming specializes in helping customers craft their dream gaming PC by making informed decisions, and making sure all their components work in tandem to deliver incredible performance right out of the box.

Yes, we ship our products to Canada and the rest of the world.

Yes. You can purchase any of our gaming systems using Paytomorrow, Paypal Credit, or Affirm Financing!  You can also stretch your payment up to 36 months for purchases above $2,000, with APR rates that go from 10% to 30%. Contact us to find out a financing option that’s right for you.

Absolutely. The beauty of building a custom gaming PC is that you can think ahead and plan future upgrades, so you can be sure a Evolve Gaming system will be able to keep up with your needs for years to come.

Due to our extensive experience building high-performance PCs, and our centrally located HQ, Evolve Gaming has one of the fastest turnaround times in this industry. All of our domestic orders have a maximum ground transit of 7 days. We also offer several expedited shipping options to get your PC even faster!

Evolve Gaming abides by all state and federal tax regulations, making shipping to all 50 states easy and fast.

We are located in Shelton, CT

We work with the best brands and components in the market. We carry the latest Intel and AMD processors, as well as the most powerful graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. Evolve also has strong ties with manufacturers that provide high-end components for all of our systems, such as Corsair, Gamdias, G.Skill, MSI, ASUS, Seagate, and more.

Yes! Evolve Computer offers liquid cooling options on all of our PCs for maximum cooling efficiency!

We pride ourselves on having amazing customer service that understands what gamers need and are ready to answer any questions you have about our systems, components, and PC building services.

Yes. Every one of our systems includes free 1 Year technical support and warranty on labor. We also offer a 1-year parts warranty by default, but it can be extended to up to 3 years at additional cost for users who want to protect their investment.

Evolve Gaming PCs are squarely aimed at gamers looking for maximum performance. We do offer high-performance entry-level PCs for those on a budget, but we focus on making sure gamers get the most out of the components they choose. That said, our systems focus on offering the most value for your money.

We certainly do. Evolve offers our professional CPU and GPU overclocking service. We make sure your processor speeds go way beyond their stock speeds, and test every system for at least 72 hours to make sure the end user receives a completely stable system. 

We offer the user total freedom to build the gaming PC they want. Our custom PC builder lets you choose any part you want with granular precision, and see how each component affects performance in real time. Our PC builder also lets you know if there are conflicting parts, and our professional builders will help you out in case they encounter any potential bottlenecks that can affect performance.

If you pick the right components, you can get the perfect rig for gaming and streaming with components specifically aimed at providing superb streaming capabilities, low ping times, unparalleled connectivity, and enough raw power to run any title you want. Check out our streaming decks and capture cards, or contact one of our professional builders if you need help getting the perfect streaming PC.

Yes. We can help you build the perfect machine to handle data and graphic heavy workloads for maximum efficiency and unmatched performance.

Yes. We have a great selection of peripherals for the discerning gamer. Everything from gaming keyboards and mice, to high-end monitors.

Yes. We currently offer great options for RGB lighting that are plugged directly into your motherboard and offer amazing customization options for internal lighting with secure magnetic strips that can be moved around easily.

Yes. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what gaming PCs can do, building and testing prebuilt gaming systems for any budget or need. Make sure to periodically check out our collection of ready-to-ship systems as there is always something new for everyone.

We understand that one of the biggest problems with buying computers online is making sure components stay in place while in transit. Our builders make sure every one of our PCs is packed with enough padding protection to protect your valuables until they reach their destination. 

No. We make sure your Gaming PCs operate at peak performance by not having to load unnecessary software that hinders your gaming experience. Users can request to install productivity software suites depending on their needs, free-to-play games, and the internet browser of their choice. But these are completely optional.

Yes. Cooling is a vital aspect of having a top-performing gaming PC. Every one of our systems comes with an AIO Cooler by default, or as an addon!

Yes, soon! We are working to delivery industry leading customization options for every one of our builds!

Indeed. We offer current generation hardware in all of our systems. You can be sure you will be able to build your dream gaming PC with the latest components as soon as they hit the shelves.

Yes. All of our Gaming PCs are backed by a free lifetime technical support  show our commitment to quality. We stand by each one of our products.

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